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Simpler than a will,
safer than a note.

WeExpire is an opensource tool for creating emergency notes that can be read by your trusted contacts only after your death or if you are seriously injured.

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How it works

Soon after you write your note, it will be encrypted and converted into a QR code which you can give to a person you trust. When this person tries to access your message, WeExpire will try to contact you via email as soon as possible; if you do not reply within the period of time you previously defined, your note will become visible to your trusted person.

Why should I use it?

Regardless of age, health, social status, or geographical location, one day we will all die or be severely ill. Leaving a note to the people you trust will allow you to give them your last message and possibly fulfill your last wills.

We don't store your data

Unlike other platforms, there is no need to register an account on WeExpire. In fact, your data stays only in the QR code that is generated and eventually printed. If you don't believe us, you can take a look at the source code.


Your note is encrypted using the AES-256-CTR algorithm and its access code is randomly generated. And even if WeExpire gets hacked, your notes cannot be accessed because once they are generated they are not stored on WeExpire.


On WeExpire, any emergency note you create automatically expires after 365 days. This allows you to keep your emergency notes always up-to-date every year and stay in the loop about any changes to our services. It's like when you sign up for a car insurance: you do so for a maximum of one year, as prices and coverages may change with time.

Fast and non-profit

On WeExpire you can create your emergency note in less than 3 minutes, for free. We believe that writing a last digital message has to be something easy and affordable to anyone in the world. If you feel like helping the project, you can contribute with a simple donation.